Secrets to winning in Slot Games!

Secrets to winning in Slot Games

Online slots or physical casino’s slots game, is considered the most popular game in the casino. Millions or billions of people play them, but very few know how to win them or how the machine works! So how should we play online Slot Games or playing online slot games in Thailand is it different from other countries?

Although the house always has a higher advantage and looking at the winning percentage, there may not be much anyone can do to guarantee a sure way in a casino. However, no harm understanding more, right? Also, reading my guide below maybe can help you to limit your losses and increasing your chance of winning, or even winning the jackpot!

I will share my knowledge in regards to the machine odds, pay-out percentage, and explaining different types of machines available.

1. How slot machines (online & physical) work

Before I explain how to win at slots, we need to understand how the games work. Some people may think that playing slots machine should wait for someone to play first, if they never win for a long time, then you should continue playing from there. However, the truth is that winning is completely random. All slots’ machines, no matter you are playing online slots or physical slots, are equipped with an RNG (random number generator) system, which generates random numbers and decides on the final result of a specific spin. This means that the spin’s outcome is decided the moment you press the spin button. As long as you are playing a slot game made by a reputable slot developer like Novomatic, Playtech, Chokd, Netent, Microgaming, or other licensed brands, you should not worry about the RNG at all!

2. Pay-out percentages & slot volatility

Slots games have a slight disadvantage compare to other casino games. Its pay-out percentage is low, online slot games have an RTP (return to player) percentage of 94-96%, while physical casinos may be 90-92%. However, it does have its advantage too. Every game’s betting amount is can be very low, just a few cents per line is enough. That means you can play slots for a few hours with just a small spending budget.

Also, slots games jackpot pay-out has a few different ways to pay their customer. Some slot machines, give massive jackpot, but the lesser chance of getting it. Some slot machines give lesser jackpot, but they give out more often. So, depending on your preference, and your budget, choose one that is more suitable for yourself!

3. Different types of slots

Now let me share with you, the differences between physical slot games and online slot games.

Classic slots: normally has 1-5 pay-lines & a simple pay-table. They don’t offer massive pay-outs, & the biggest possible win is capped at 1.000 bets or lower. These slot games often have high RTP & low to medium volatility.

Video slots: these machines have anywhere between 5 to hundreds of pay-lines & often feature many bonus games, mini-jackpots, & other big wins. For that reason, video slots often have high volatility, & their RTP rarely goes over 96%.

Progressive slots: slot machines that feature a progressive jackpot are usually fairly standard video slots apart from the jackpot. Their RTP is often in the 94% range. However, they offer life-changing jackpots to a few randomly selected and very lucky players.

Megaways slots: megaways slots are some of the most fun out there. These games offer huge pay-outs but also have incredibly high volatility levels. Playing megaways games will need you to have deeper pockets though.

If you play slots, especially online, you will notice that there are many different types of slots and even some very unique games that you could hardly fit into any of these categories.

These games are all classified as video slots, & they have different features that you will learn as you explore the pay-table & play the actual game.

4. Different types of winnings in slots available

Next, I will share with you what kind of winning features available in slot games. It applies to both online slot games or physical slot games. Although you don’t need to know this to enjoy the game, it is more interesting to know them, to enjoy the game more!

Pick & win games: this feature is common in video slots & activated by stopping 2 or 3 bonus symbols on the monitor. A mini-game is activated, & you choose between several different objects, for a lucky draw prize.

Free spins: one of the most common & sought-after features in video slots, free spins are amazing. During free spins rounds, you don’t have to pay for your spins, and additional special symbols, multipliers, & wilds icons are added to the spins, often creating huge wins.

Wild icons: found in most video slots, wild icons substitute for other regular icons & help the player make more winning combinations possible. Sometimes, wilds can have additional features such as sticking in place for the next spin or moving to create more wins.

Scatter wins: scatter icons can offer pay-outs when they are found on the screen, regardless of their position. Stopping two or more scatters in any position can often lead to a nice pay-out.

Multipliers: there are different types of multiplier features in video slots. In one way or another, these features multiply your win on the payline they are found on, or for the entire spin.

Expanding reels: this feature is often found in the megaways slot games. It allows the reels to expand to have more icons on the next spins, making it more likely you will realize big wins.

All pay: if a slot has the all pays feature, there are no pay-lines in place. Instead, all symbols pay from left to right, regardless of their actual position on the reels. This can lead to many winning lines on a single spin in some games.

Pay both ways: most slot games pay from left to right only. However, some slots have the pay both ways feature, which means they pay from right to left too. Additionally, the adjacent pays feature means icons pay even when found on the middle three reels.

Playing slot games in Thailand is similar to the rest of the world. Try to experience it!

5. Slot machine tips: top tricks to beat the slots

Now that I have shared with you all the basic knowledge of slots, it is time for me to touch on the more real stuff.

5.1 Play at slots that has high RTP (return to player)

The biggest secret to winning at slots is to find a game that has the best slot odds around.

Not all slot games are the same! If you are playing online slots, finding high RTP games will be easy. As most of the online slots have higher odds compare to physical slots anyway.

In a physical casino, it will be harder to find. You can either ask the working staff from the casino or just ask the local players who patronized there often. Although they may be wrong though.

5.2 Pick a game you feel comfortable with

Yes, this is important. Many players will increase their bet when they feel bored with it. So, choose one that has many additional features, with good graphics quality and sound effects. If it satisfies you, means you can play for a longer period. Big wins often take a long time to come, so make sure you are playing a game that you won’t quit before the right spin hits.

5.3 Control your budget

Since slots are more of a luck game, don’t throw in everything from your bank. Instead, prepare a comfortable budget, for example, 200 Baht, 500 Baht. Or $10, $20 to start with. Once you get the hang of it and get comfortable, increase your budget gradually.

5.4 Make reasonable bets

Depending on your budget, make comfortable bet-per-spin. If you are not as rich as bill gates, probably you should choose a smaller budget per spin to start with, especially when you are new to the game.

5.5 Use bonuses

This is a great way to increase your chance of winning. Most of the time it only applies to online slot games or online casinos. There are usually two types of promotion bonuses. Either new member bonuses, or daily bonuses to existing customers. You just need to meet their minimum conditions that’s all. Ask the customer service staff for more information.

6. Other FAQ (most frequently asked question) I got people asking me~

Are there any tricks to consistently winning at slots?

There is no way to win at slots every time. But playing the most popular games will give you a better chance.

Does betting the maximum give you a better chance of winning?

Is the same. Betting more means when you win, you will win more. However, if you lose you also lose more.

How long should you play on a slot machine?

There is no real answer to this. I will just say that if you play for a short period, is just pure luck. Playing for at least a few days is easier to judge whether a certain slot game or slot machine is worth playing already. If not, just change.

Can you win real money on slot machines?

Yes of course. Countless players win tens of thousands if not millions every day. Are you the next one?