Why gambling is good?

Why gambling is good?

Yes, you may wonder why I am writing this article. Many people may think that gambling is bad. I think it is just like smoking a cigarette, everyone knows it has no benefits at all and is harmful, yet they still do it, right? In this article, I will try not to be biased. I am not trying to say gambling is perfect, not that gambling is the best. It does have its weakness. But this article I will just try to cover only the benefits of gambling or online gambling in general. Perhaps we cover casino or online gambling’s disadvantages in the future.


1. Makes you Happier

Research studies at Southern Illinois University have shown that gambling or online gambling can positively improve your mood and cause happiness. The research was done comparing to another group of people who use television as their choice of entertainment, and the overall result was that gamblers were happier. Personally, I think it is the same as playing a game. You feel happier when playing a game right? Is the same logic. So, you can consider picking up casino gambling as your new form of hobby! But of course, within your limit.

2. Improves your Thinking Skills

This is not hard to understand. Casino gambling is actually another form of playing a game. While playing any normal game, you need to pick up on a couple of skills. For example, observing the game, understanding the playing or odds patterns, calculating numbers, thinking of new strategies, etc. These are constantly training your brain.

3. Possibly improve your Socializing skills

Some casino gambling games are good ways to socialize with friends. For example, poker, blackjack, etc. These games bring people together. As they are relaxing and don’t take up too much of your attention while doing it. Some people always use this as a form of escape from everyday hectic work life!

4. Better “problem” than drugs & alcohol

Although this is not a “real” benefit, but imagine being addicted to gambling games, compare to addicted to drugs or alcohol, those are much more serious. When addicted to drugs, it is much harder to kick them off. And the long-term side effect to health is incredibly worse too.

At a bigger picture

5. Gambling improves the economy.

In the US, more and more states legalize gambling. In the world, more countries also legalized gambling (Singapore, for example). The taxes that the government received from the industry, contributed a lot to the economy. The roads and many other hardware infrastructures also benefit from it.

6. Jobs creation

In the US, 500,000 people are working directly or indirectly with a casino. Imagine their families are being supported too. In many third-world countries, the impact is even more significant.

7. Attract tourism

Casinos and gambling games industry are very important especially for cities that rely on it. For example, Macau, Las Vegas, they are all earning from the tourist. The money they earn contributes to the taxes the government earn, which turn into the community’s benefits!


Casino gambling or online gambling only becomes a real problem when it becomes an addiction. Any casino gambling games are the same! So, what you need to be concern about is moderation. Remember to play and enjoy it with moderation!