How to Play Online Casino Games if never gamble before?

How to Play Online Casino Games if never gamble before

If you never gamble in a real physical casino or an online casino before, you may wonder how these games work? Below are a few useful tips for you.

1. Relax

Yes, relax. All online casino games are designed for playing, not torture. They are fun & interesting. So why worry too much? The games are designed in a way that is easy to understand & easy to play. Moreover, all customer service representatives (online casinos) or dealers in a real casino, are well-trained in these games. Anything unsure? Just ask!

2. How to play Slot machines?

Slots games in Thailand are probably the most popular games in the casino. They are easy to play, & do not require you to learn anything before you start playing.

You insert your money; the screen will show how many credits you have. You decide how many credits to bet on each spin of the reels. You will win if the icons match up along a “payline”. The results are determined randomly by a computer program called a random number generator. Changing the size of your bets or how you activate the machine does nothing to change the odds of winning, either. You don’t even really need to understand what’s happening on the screen in front of you.

3. How to Play Table Games

Top casino table games in Thailand are baccarat, blackjack, dices & roulette.

Most games use some equipment to generate random results. In the case of games like baccarat & blackjack, the dealer uses a deck of cards to generate the results. In dices games, the casino uses a couple of 6-sided dice. In roulette, a spinning wheel & a ball.

Most table games require some knowledge, although most of them are entirely random. Your odds of winning at baccarat, for example, don’t change based on whether you know how the score is calculated.

On the other hand, deciding whether to hit or stand in blackjack makes a huge difference. Between 0.5% to 2.0% percentage differences in winning odds. Understanding what’s going on at these table games makes playing them more fun! You can try playing online casino games with Live Dealer too!

4. How to Choose the Right Casino Games to Play

You should consider multiple factors when deciding which online casino game to play.

95% of casino gamblers (or more) are recreational gamblers. This means they are not hoping to make a profit in the long run. They just want to have fun. If you are interested in generating profit in the long run, you have a much more limited number of options. You can’t get an edge at most casino games. However, you can get an edge at blackjack if you learn how to count cards.

You also be able to get an edge at roulette by finding a roulette wheel where there’s a bias toward certain numbers. If you are a recreational casino gambler, you should consider what kinds of games are suitable for you, machine games or table games.

If you like making decisions & being strategic, play an online casino game where your decisions matter to the bottom line. Blackjack is one example of this kind of game. If you are a social gambler who just wants to place a bet without wondering if you are making the best decision or not, roulette might be the best game for you. Dices are good, too, but you do have to learn which bets are better than the others.

The best thing to do is play as many online casino games as you can, track how much you lose at them, & stick with the ones that provide you with the most entertainment for your money!


Even if you have never gambled before, you can still play online casino games without much knowledge! Learning how is not so hard. You can just google and many websites or YouTube videos will teach you the game thoroughly. The casinos make it easy for you to gamble for a reason. Try it! Perhaps start small instead?